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Kawai Actions… Inspiring Touch

Kawai has long been praised for the superb actions found in our acoustic grand pianos. Translating the unique subtleties and nuances of those actions into that of a digital piano is a formidable challenge; a challenge that is met through Kawa’si 85 years of experience building fine acoustic pianos.

Kawai’s Responsive Hammer (RH) digital piano action utilizes an innovative system of hammer “grading” in which the weights of the hammers mirror the heavier bass and lighter treble hammers of its acoustic counterpart. Finely textured ivory-like surfaces are applied to the keys to absorb moisture and enhance control. A let-off simulation is added to mimic the subtle “notch” sensation that is felt when softly playing the keys of a grand piano.

The newer RHII action adds a triple sensor system key detection to the RH action. This system enhances the action’s responsiveness, improves repetition and allows for more control and authenticity when playing legato passages.

Kawai RH Action
The RM3 action offers even greater realism through the use of long wooden keys (the longest found in any digital brand) and a mechanical design that closely resembles that of our grand pianos’ actions. Standing for Realistic Materials, Motion and Mechanism, the RM3’s keys pivot on a balance pin, creating the familiar “seesaw” motion found in an acoustic piano action. This action’s graded hammers rise from the upward motion of the back of the keys to strike the electronic key sensors. Additional counterbalancing weights are placed in the front of the bass keys to lighten their heavier touch during pianissimo passages, with a let-off mechanism providing the “notch” sensation. Ivory-touch key surfaces are found on this action as well.
Kawai RM3 Digital Piano Action with Let-Off
The new Grand Feel (GF) is Kawai latest digital piano action. Building upon the design principles established in the RM3, the GF action increases the length of the wooden keys beyond that of the RM3 and moves the balance point back to create the longest key-front pivot length in the industry – as long as a Kawai grand piano’s pivot length. This improvement creates a more evenly balanced key touch weight from front to back, making it much easier to play near the back of the keys during complex musical passages. Finally, triple sensor key detection is added to the GF action to improve performance and control.
Kawai Grand Feel Digital Piano Action
Whether your instrument has the RH, RHII, RM3 or GF action, you’re sure to have an instrument with the best action in its class, one that is very responsive to your touch and a real joy to play.
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