Keyboard: 61 keys with velocity

Sounds: 200 + 11 Drum Kits, GM compatible, 10 User, 16-bit PCM Sampling

Polyphony: 64 Notes

Styles: 120 Easy Conductor, 40 Advanced Conductor, 10 User

Style Controls: Start/Stop, Intro/Ending, Sync., Variation 1-6, Fill-In 1-6

Keyboard Modes: One-Finger, Fingered, Whole Keyboard Split (3 zones, 3 assignable).

Registrations: 50 User Registrations, 120 One-Two-Play

Sequencer: 16 tracks, 40,000 notes, ACC (Accompaniment) Track, Tempo-Track, Real-time and step recording, event edit, bar edit, groove, etc.

Style Maker: Bar length, sounds, mixer, transpose point, chord type, groove, quantize, copy, event edit, preset tempo, etc.

Style Converter: Reads and converts 100s of styles from Technics, Roland, Korg, Wersi, Solton, GEM, and Kawai ACR 20

Sound Edit: Filter and ADSR Envelope for Amplitude

Effects: 5 different reverbs, 2 separate multi-effects processors, each with 37 different effects.
(Rotary speaker, delays, auto pan, chorus, flanger, ensemble, celeste, tremolo, phaser, exciter and distortion).

Special Features: Duet, Sustain, 3D

Concert Magic: 100 songs

Quick Play: Playback of SMF (format 0) data direct from disk

Disk Drive: 3.5" (2DD or 2 HD using DOS format) LOADS: SMF 0/1, Concert Magic Songs, Z1000 format songs, Q80 ormat songs, user registration and conductor settings, user styles, user sounds.

Display: 240 x 64 full dot LCD (back lit)

Amplifier: 15 W x 2 with 3D SRS Surround Sound

Speakers: 12cm x 2 + 5 cm x 2, 3.5 liter per enclosure

Jacks: Line out (L/Mono, R), Foot Switch, Volume pedal

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