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While the uses of pianos may vary among diverse institutions, the requirements are essentially the same. Every school, church or performance venue needs instruments which provide an exceptional playing experience that will last over time with minimal maintenance. Kawai has exceeded this expectation for over eighty years.

Kawai pianos are known worldwide for their outstanding touch and tone. But the defining difference is found in our technology. Through innovative engineering and the use of modern composite materials, the long-term consistency and precision of Kawai pianos is unmatched. Our instruments are built for the future – created to withstand the test of time in both performance and durability. For this reason, they represent a wise and rewarding investment for any institutional purchaser.

No other company utilizes today’s advanced technology the way Kawai does. Our revolutionary Millennium III Advanced Piano Action features key parts composed of ABS-Carbon, a new composite material made with carbon fiber. ABS-Carbon is incredibly lightweight and rigid, and virtually impervious to swelling due to humidity. As a result, the Millennium III Action is faster, more responsive, and more stable than any other piano action made today. The discerning player will immediately feel the difference.

Among other unique piano advancements, Kawai pioneered the use of aluminum for action rails, synthetic ivory for our exclusive NEOTEX™ key surfaces, and carbon/polyacetal composites for the all-important “jack” at the heart of the action. These provide valuable benefits to the institutional user, including greater durability, reduced maintenance, and more consistent performance over time. Simply put, Kawai pianos perform better – longer.

Kawai Advanced Technology

But this legacy of innovation isn’t limited to just acoustic instruments. Kawai is also a leader in the digital world having received ten major international awards for digital piano excellence over the past decade. Our digital pianos were the first to feature real wooden keys that simulate the touch and feel of a traditional piano. Our digital ensembles were the first and only instruments to include built-in CD recording capability, allowing the player to create high-quality recordings of rehearsals and performances on CD with incredible ease. And our newest digital piano features a real wooden soundboard that provides the warm, natural resonance of a traditional piano.
More than any other maker, Kawai is crafting the future of the piano.

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