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Millennium III Action
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Kawai RX-2 Classic Grand Piano


Action > Millennium III with ABS-Carbon
Length > 5'10" (178 cm)
Width > 60" (152 cm)
Height > 40" (102 cm)
Weight > 661 lbs. (300 kg)
White Keys > NEOTEX™
Black Keys > NEOTEX™
Key Material > Spruce
Scale > Full Duplex
Casters > Solid Brass
Music Rack > Hard Finish
Fallboard > Soft Fall
Finishes > Ebony Polish, Ebony Satin, Oak Satin, Cherry, Snow White Polish, Walnut Polish, Walnut Satin, Mahogany Polish, Mahogany Satin, Sapeli Mahogany Polish, Rosewood Polish, French Provincial Mahogany Polish
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