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The Kawai Philosophy
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The Art Of The Piano

A grand piano is made up of over ten thousand precision parts – wood, metal, fiber and many other materials. Just assembling them into the mere form of a grand piano is, by itself, and immense undertaking. But the process of crafting them into
a precision instrument capable of translating the dynamic expressions of the soul into the language of music, creating an instrument that can truly sing... is an art.

The Kawai grand piano transforms craftsmanship into artistry.  Here you will find the most advanced pianos of the modern age – instruments that combine the latest technology with the time-tested principles of old-world craftsmanship to provide a sublime musical experience.  From our renowned EX Concert Grand Piano to the strikingly beautiful GX and RX BLAK Series Artist Grands to our high-quality GE and GM Series instruments, the Kawai commitment to excellence is evident in every note, every subtle nuance, every soulful expression of the mind and heart.  Imagine the possibilities.

Kawai Grand Piano Models
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