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Kawai Legacy
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Acoustic Resonant Soundboard
Acoustic Resonant Solid Spruce Soundboard
An essential element of a piano’s tone is the soundboard. Because it is made of wood—a material that is as beautiful as it is unpredictable—the Acoustic Resonant Solid Spruce soundboard in the RX BLAK Series is carefully selected and seasoned. The result is a stable and long-lasting soundboard that offers a powerful, singing tone.
Premium Sen-Yo Hammers
Premium Sen-Yo Hammers
Kawai’s Premium BLAK Sen-Yo hammers produce a vivid clarity, warmth and dynamic range that is unsurpassed. In Japan, Sen-Yo means personalized. Sen-Yo hammers are specially constructed for North America to deliver exceptional tone that is rich and inviting.
The CORE System - Mirror of Matoa

The CORE System
CORE is an acronym representing "Convergence for
Optimum Reflected Energy." Convergence refers to the way the piano's strength centers – rim, plate and underside beams – all focus toward one central point at the heart of the instrument. This focus creates an incredibly strong "core" foundation that maximizes the reflective capabilities of the inner rim.

A Mirror of Matoa
The harder the inner rim material, the more sound energy will be reflected back into the soundboard to generate tone. RX BLAK Series inner rims are made of Matoa, one of the world’s hardest woods (with a specific gravity of 0.70), to ensure maximum reflection of sound energy for greater tonal power and sustain.

Full Spectrum Bass Strings
"Full Spectrum" Copper Bass Strings
Kawai’s “Full Spectrum” solid copper-wound bass strings offer the pianist a deeper, richer sound and fuller sustain. The bass strings are precision wound for perfect tension. Solid brass agraffes—found on the world’s finest
pianos—are positioned and aligned precisely to provide exact angles to the strings for proper action alignment and greater tonal clarity.
Kawai's BLAK Series Bridge
Bridge Design
Kawai’s RX BLAK Series bridge performs the vital task of carrying the vibrations of the strings to the soundboard. Bass bridges are crafted of the highest quality hard rock maple. Treble bridges are vertically laminated in alternating layers of maple and mahogany for an ideal balance of strength and weight that is scientifically-engineered to provide optimal transfer of sound. The RX-6 and RX-7 BLAK pianos feature a single, continuous bridge that helps to smooth the transition between bass and treble registers.
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