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With the recent acquisition of 29 Kawai and Shigeru Kawai pianos, the University of West Georgia adds diversity to its collection of high-quality instruments. The Department of Music was recently named one of the top 200 programs for creative students by “Creative Colleges: A Guide for Student Actors, Artists, Dancers, Musicians and Writers. “We are elated that UWG is the first public institution in the United States to become a Kawai EPIC Partner,” said Dr. Kevin Hibbard. “By providing our students with a diverse collection of the finest pianos available, we are demonstrating our commitment to excellence for the ever-growing body of students who have chosen West Georgia for the study of music.” More...
University of West Georgia
With the recent purchase of 23 Kawai and Shigeru Kawai pianos, Wheaton College continues to provide a diverse assortment of exceptional instruments for its students and faculty. “We are working very hard to make Wheaton the place for a 21st century Christian education in music,” said Tony Payne, Director of the Conservatory of Music. “We demand the highest possible level of technical and artistic achievement in performance, composition and teaching. By demanding the same high standards from our musical instruments, we can be certain that our students have the finest tools available to achieve their potential.” More...
Wheaton College
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