CD-R Drive
The Concert Performer CP205 and CP175 are the world's first digital pianos with a recordable audio CD drive. You can record a CD of your "live" playing, internal songs and MIDI files, or both. You can even record vocals and other instruments via the MIC input. Your completed CD can be played in any audio CD player.
Piano Music
There are over five hours of pre-recorded piano music in the Concert Performer. Simply press the Piano Music button and  choose from Classical, Contemporary and Holiday music. You can play any song or play all the songs in a category in random order.  You can also create a list of your favorite selections from each category.
Concert Magic
Kawai's exclusive Concert Magic provides anyone the thrill of playing real music, even if you've never played before. Simply select one of the 176 songs and tap any key. Follow the Note Navigator to play the correct rhythm. Or, select the Lyrics screen to sing along to the bouncing ball.
The Concert Performer has over 900 instrument (CP110-297 Sounds) and vocal sounds. Sounds are organized into instrument "families" and accessed by the Sound category buttons. The Feature sound category is a special collection of the most expressive solo acoustic instruments. These sounds are excellent for playing melodies or improvisations.
The Concert Performer has 220 accompaniment styles (CP110 - 128 Styles) to help your music sound more complete and professional. Styles are organized into musical "genres" and are accessed by the Style category buttons. The 1-2 Play button easily provides an appropriate "setup," including right and left-hand sounds, for the selected accompaniment Style.
Song Stylist
Song Stylist makes using the Concert Performer quick and simple by providing the perfect "setup" for over 700 of the most popular songs of all time. Search the list for your favorite song, press Select, and you're ready to play. The perfect style, right and left-hand sounds and volume mix are automatically selected for the chosen song.
There are two modes to the CP recorder. Use the Easy Record mode to make quick recordings of your "live" playing. You can easily re-record and overdub in this mode. The Advanced Recorder is a 16-Track recording studio with professional features such as a mixing console and event editor. Save your recordings to floppy disk in a variety of formats.
There are 8 registration buttons on the Concert Performer's panel. Each button contains a "setup" that selects a style, right and left-hand sounds and other details automatically. Pressing the Registration Groups button provides access to 20 different pre-programmed registration groups. You can also save your own registrations to any of 160 locations.

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