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Keyboard > 88 weighted keys with graded hammers
Action > AWA PROII
Sound Source > Harmonic ImagingTM  Sound Technology
Polyphony > 192 Notes
Internal Sounds > 256 Voices
Setup Memories > 256 Setups
Reverb > Hall 1-2, Stage 1-2, Room 1-2, Plate
Effect Types > Individual for each zone.Chours, Flanger, Celeste, Ensemble, Delay 1-4, Auto Pan 1-3, Tremolo 1-3, Phaser 1-2, Rotary 1-2, Auto Wah, Pedal Wah, Enhancer, Overdrive
Display > 16 x 2 characters LCD with background light
Controls > Pitch Bend Wheel, Modulation Wheel (assignable), Master Volume, Zone Volume (x4), Zone Edit Selection (x4), Zone On/Off (x4), Real Time Edit Control (x4), Control Mode Switch (x4), SW On/Off, EFX On/Off, Reverb On/Off, Menu Up, Menu Down, Value Up, Value Down, Sound Mode, Setup Mode (System Mode), Sound/Setup Select (8x8x4), Store, Transpose, Metronome
Connections > XLR Out (L,R) with Ground Lift Switch, 1/4" jacks for Line Out (L/Mono, R or 2x Mono), Headphone Jack, Damper/Soft Pedal, Foot Switch (assignable), Expression (assignable), MIDI IN/OUT/THRU, USB (to Host), AC Inlet, Power Switch On/Off
Parameters for Internal Zones > Sound, Volume, Damper Resonance, String Resonance, Key Off Effect, Zone Hi, Zone Lo, Velocity Swwitch (Off, Soft, Loud), Velocity Switch Level, Velocity Compression, Velocity Offset, Damper (On/Off), FSW (On/Off), Mod Wheel (On/Off), Bender (On/Off), Bender Range (0-7), Pan, Zone Transpost (±36), Fine Tuning, Virtual Voicing (Mellow, Bright, Dynamci, Normal), Stretch Tuning Temperament, FSW CC#, EXP CC#, Attack, Decay, Release, Cutoff, EQ, Modulation Wheel Assign, Left Pedal Assign, Solo Mode (On/Off)
Parameters for External Zones > Sound Nr., Volume, Bank Select (MSB/LSB), MIDI CH, Zone Hi, Zone Lo, Velocity Switch (Off, Soft, Loud), Velocity Switch Level, Velocity Compression, Velocity Offset, Damper (On/Off), FSW (On/Off), Mod Wheel (On/Off), Bender (On/Off), Bender Range (0-12), Pan Transpose (±36), Fine Tuning, Knobs A-D (On/Off/CC#), TX Channel, TX Program, TX Bank, TX Volume, Attack, Decay, Release, Cutoff, Solo Mode (On/Off)
System Parameters > Master Tuning, Volume Action, Line Out Mode, Local On/Off, System Channel, Touch Curve (Normal, Light, Light+, Heavy, Heavy+, USER), Modulation Wheel Assign (Normal/Data Entry), Footswitch Assign (Normal, Setup Advance), Reverb Offset, Reverb Offset On/Off, EQ Offset, EQ Offset On/Off, LCD Contrast, LED Brightness, MIDI Multi Mode, RCV CH 1-16 Play/Mute, Dump, Reset
Dimensions > 57.75" x 17.5" x7.5"
(1466 mm X 442 mm x 189 mm)
Weight > 77 lbs. (35 kg)
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