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Sounds and Keyboard Parts

Over 1000 top-quality sounds reside in a total of 14 sound categories, accessed by either panel buttons or on-screen touch buttons. Many category sound lists offer subcategories, such as saxes or flutes, which aid in searching for that perfect sound. The “Favorites” category allows you to store up to 20 of your personal favorite sounds for easy and quick access during a performance or recording.

If that weren’t enough, you can even edit an existing sound or make a new sound by using the Sound Edit function. New sounds are then store in the “USER” sound category for access at any time.

The CP209/179/139 feature four independent keyboard “Parts” that can be played simultaneous in any combination. The Right 1, Right 2, and Solo parts can be layered together and played over the entire range of the keyboard or split to the right-hand side.

The Left part can be played separately on the left side of the keyboard or layered with the other parts using a special left-hand layer mode. Each part can have its own sound and can be independently shifted up or down a total of four octaves! The

CP119 features three keyboard parts – Right 1, Right 2 and Left – which have the same functions as described above.

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