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Kawai Actions–The Ultimate in Feel

As one of the world’s premier builders of acoustic pianos, Kawai has long understood the importance of an instrument’s touch, or “feel”, to the player. Without a keyboard action that responds perfectly to an artist’s commands, a piano would not accurately create the sound that the artist is seeking.
For this reason, Kawai engineers’ number one goal is to create digital piano actions that provide the same level of response and nuance as is found in our acoustic piano actions. To this purpose, Kawai has created two basic types of digital piano actions.

Kawai AHA IV Action

The first is Kawai’s AHAIV series graded-hammer actions. These actions utilize a hammer component under the keys that creates a mechanical movement and feel similar to an acoustic piano. Additionally, the hammers are weighted in a graded fashion where the left-hand, or bass, keys are heaviest. As you move up the keyboard the hammers gradually become lighter. This simulates the same characteristic found in an acoustic pianos action where the hammers are larger in the bass region and gradually get smaller as you move up the keyboard.
The AHAIV and AHAIV-F graded hammer actions are found on many Kawai digital pianos where a lower overall size or weight is a consideration. For instruments where this is not a concern, or where the ultimate keyboard performance is the goal, Kawai has created its highly-acclaimed AWA PRO series actions.

The AWA PRO and AWA PROII actions feature extra-long wooden keys and a mechanical design similar to that found in Kawai’s acoustic grand pianos. The extended length of the wooden key allows for a pivot point in the middle of the key. This creates movement on both ends of the keys and pushes the hammers in an upward motion from the back of the key (same as in a grand piano action).

Kawai AWAPRO Digital Piano Action

The hammer weights are graded in the same fashion as that of the AHAIV actions. Additionally, the bass keys have a counterbalancing weight placed underneath the front of the key. This creates a more even static key weight, which is the goal of counterbalancing the actions of fine acoustic grand pianos. The result of all these efforts is a digital piano action that is simply the finest digital piano action available, and one that has received numerous accolades and awards.
No matter which action you choose, you are sure to get an instrument whose touch is thoroughly responsive and satisfying, and one that is superior to that of any other instrument in its class.

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