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CP187 Concert Performer

  • CD-RW
  • Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology
  • AHA IV Graded-Hammer Action with AR Technology
  • Over 1000 Sounds including Drum Kits, 20 User Sounds
  • 192 Polyphony
  • 176 Concert Magic Songs
  • Piano Music - Seven Hours
  • 16-Track Recorder - Easy and Advanced Modes
  • Large Color Display
  • 120-Watt, 7 Speaker Sound System
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Styles – 282 Styles, 4 Variations per Style, 20 User Styles, Stop/Start, Intro/Ending (4 per Style), Fill-in (4 per Style), Fade Out,
Sync Start, Tap Tempo, One-Two Play

Song Stylist – 1000 Songs. Compatible with the Kawai Decade Series song books plus eight additional song books from
Hal Leonard -thirteen books in all.

Score – Displays the notation (score) for Concert Magic songs, User Songs and Standard MIDI Files

Effects – Chorus (5), Flanger, Ensemble, Celeste, Delay (3), Auto Pan, Tremolo, Tremulant, Phaser, Rotary Speaker (2), Auto Wah, Enhancer, Distortion, Reverb (Room 1/2, Stage 1/2, Hall 1/2, Plate), Mic Harmony (42 Types) and 5 Mic Effects

Other Functions – 160 Regisrations, 4 Parts (Right 1/2, Solo, Left), 4-Part Layer, 3-Zone Split (Selectable Split Point), Mixer, Master Volume, Accompaniment Volume, Transpose, Octave Shift, Tune, Damper Effect String Resonance, Virtual Voicing, Portamento, Temperaments (9 Types and one User), Metronome, Touch Curve Selection (Light 1/2, Normal, Heavy 1/2, Off, User 1/2), MIDI (16-Part Multi-Timbral Capability)

Recorder – 5-Track Easy Record Mode and 16-Track Advanced Record Mode with separate Style, Chord and Tempo tracks, Punch-In Recording, Step Recording, Editing capability, Approximately 50,000 Notes, Disk Song Play (Reads/Writes Standard MIDI file format, Lyrics)

Conductor – Easy Conductor, Advanced Conductor, 40 User Conductors

Auto Accompaniment – Fingered, One Finger, Full Keyboard, Bass Inversion, Harmony (10 Types)

Pedals – Sustain (8-Step Sensitive), Sostenuto, Soft (17 Functions can be assigned)

Jacks – Headphone (2), Line In (L/R), Line In Volume,Line Out (L/MONO, R), Mic In, MIDI (In/Out/Thru), Expression, USB, Video Out

Data Media – 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive (2HD/2DD, DOS Format), CD-RW

Dimensions – 59" x 48" x 38" (150 x 122 x 96 cm)

Weight – 289 lbs (131 kg)

Finish – Ebony Polish

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