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Kawai CL26 - Buy Now!

CL26 – More Info

The CL26 utilizes Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology, featuring 88-key piano sampling, to create its impressive piano sound. Learn More »

The feel of the CL26 is outstanding, thanks to the Advanced Hammer Action IV-F (AHAIV-F), an 88-note, graded hammer action with superb feel and sensitivity. Learn More »

Dual Mode
The CL26 offers a Dual Mode in which two sounds are played at the same time.

Headphone Jacks
Like all Kawai digital pianos, this instrument has two headphone jacks, allowing two persons to listen to the piano in privacy.

A high quality damper pedal (not a switch) with half-damper support is included with this instrument.

A built-in digital metronome with a variety of time signatures, perfect for practice, is part of the CL26’s features..

Concert Magic
The CL26 features Kawai’s exclusive Concert Magic , a unique way for anyone to enjoy the thrill of playing the piano, even if you’ve never played before! Learn More »

This instrument comes with MIDI jacks useful for connecting with other musical instruments and computers.

A surprisingly powerful 2-speaker, 30-Watt sound system is found on the CL26.

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