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CA91 Concert Artist

  • Soundboard Speaker System
  • Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology
  • AWA PROII Wooden-Key, Graded-Hammer Action
  • 80 Sounds
  • 192 Polyphony
  • Piano Music _ Over 2 Hours
  • Built-in practice excercises and Alfred lessons
  • Virtual Technician
  • Rosewood and Mahogany Finishes with Matching Bench
The result of four years of research and development, Kawai's revolutionary Soundboard Speaker System represents a significant achievement in digital piano technology. Embracing the rich, harmonic qualities of wood, sound energy is channelled onto a spruce soundboard to faithfully reproduce the unmistakable warmth and ambience of an acoustic piano.
Exceptional Sounds – Concert Artist digital pianos feature dozens of exceptional instrumental sounds. In addition to pianos and electric pianos, you'll find lush strings, bold pipe organs and crisp drawbar organs, along with harpsichords, basses... even vocal and guitar sounds on selected models. Any two sounds can be combined in a Layer or Split for even more sonic possibilities.
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Added Realism –Three special functions further enhance the CA Series' incredibly realistic piano sound. String Resonance causes held notes to resonate in "sympathy" with other held notes' upper harmonics. Damper Resonance occurs when the damper pedal is depressed, causing notes that are sympathetic with one another to resonate, as well as notes that are adjacent to one another. Finally, there is the Note Release effect which re-creates the sound of bass hammers returning to their strings after a rapid note release.

Virtual Technician –Each CA instrument possesses a unique set of adjustment tools within the Virtual Technician feature. You'll find Kawai's exclusive Virtual Voicing, capable of digitally "voicing" the piano sound. There are also controls for adjusting the action's Touch, String and Damper Resonance, as well as several other piano-specific settings.

Built-in Practice and Lesson Songs –For the aspiring pianist, Kawai has provided a recorded collection of standard practice and warm-up drills, including major and minor scales, arpeggios and Hanon exercises. A music book containing all the drills is included with your instrument. And for the beginner, we've included the first-year lesson songs from Alfred Publishing's Basic Piano Library, Adult Piano Course and the new Premier Piano course. You can play along with any of the pre-recorded songs and drills, adjust the tempo, mute either hand and even compare your recorded performance to the built-in professional performance.

Piano Music – Concert Artist digital pianos contain built-in Classical Piano Music. Simply select any song and press Play for up to two hours of musical enjoyment. It's perfect for entertaining family and friends, or for a relaxing quiet evening at home.


Effects – Reverb (5 Types), Chorus, Delay (3 Types), Tremolo, Rotary (2 Types)

Song Recorder – 2 Track, 5 Song Recorder - 15000 Notes

Other Functions – Concert Magic (176 Songs), Piano Ambience, Touch Curve (6), Temperaments (9), Transpose, Tuning, Brilliance, Layer Dynamics, Lower Octave Shift, Layer Octave Shift, Dual/Split, Dual/Split Balance

Pedals – Damper (with Half-Pedal Function), Sostenuto, Soft

Jacks – Headphone (2), Line In (L/R), Line Out (L/Mono, ), MIDI (In/Out/Thru), USB

Power / Speakers – 100 Watts / 52" x 21" Soundboard, 7 cm x 4 Speakers, 1.9 cm x 2 Speakers

Dimensions – 57" x 21" x 38" (145 x 53 x 96 cm)

Weight – 192 lbs (87 kg.)

Finish – Rosewood and Mahogany Finish with Matching Bench

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