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Chad Lawson

Chad Lawson

Chad Lawson is just about the polar opposite of every other solo pianist out there. He has toured the world with Julio Iglesias, is an official Kawai performing artist, was nominated for "Album of the Year" on Whisperings Solo Piano Radio and has scored several films. His most recent film is Doughboys, featuring Louis Lombardi (The Sopranos, 'Edgar' from 24) and Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos). Lawson also recently scored a TV pilot—details which, for now anyway, are under wraps.

Earlier, Lawson's trio recorded two wildly-successful albums for Summit Records. Dear Dorothy; the Oz Sessions—brought music from the Wizard of Oz to the national jazz charts. The CD was featured in Starbucks, showed up in Dawson's Creek, an the trio even toured Japan. Unforseen, their second album jumped to #8 on the national jazz charts and included songs by The Police, Soundgarden and the Beatles. However, all these successes were a blur, leading up to one night on tour in Spain with Iglesias—in yet another sold-out 10,000 seat venue. It was here that Lawson suddenly felt absolutely alone on state and said, "It's time to do my own thing again." More »

Instruments: Kawai ES3 Portable Keyboard, RX-2 Artist Grand

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