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Josh Levy

Joshua Levy

Joshua Levy is a pianist, composer and arranger hailing from Pasadena, CA.  Levy attended the prestigious University of Southern California School of Music where his talents as a jazz pianist culminated in his 1996 victory at the John Coltrane Young Musicians and Artist Competition.  Successful tours of Europe and Japan followed.

In 1997 Levy was asked to join the popular Los Angeles based swing group Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Since then, BBVD has performed over 1100 concerts including half-time shows at both the Super Bowl and Orange Bowl.  In addition, their music has been featured in over sixty films and television shows. 

The band's latest release, "Save My Soul," pays homage to the spirit of New Orleans music.  Besides playing piano on the record, Levy serves as the band's primary arranger and orchestrator.  This recording features the Shigeru Kawai Model 7 grand piano and various Kawai upright pianos.  More »

Instrument: Kawai MP9500

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