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Tom Love - Editor

Customers who want the very latest... want KAWAI

It’s no secret that many customers who are interested in electronic musical instruments are looking for the very latest in technology and features. Well, look no further… there’s not a newer, more advanced line of digital pianos and professional stage in the industry than Kawai.

In 2010, Kawai has introduced nine new instruments – the CN23/33, CA63/93, CP119/139/179/209 and the new MP6 stage piano (which just hit stores this November). With these instruments come our latest sound technology – Progressive Harmonic Imaging (PHI) and Ultra Progressive Harmonic Imaging (UPHI), both with 88-key piano sampling.

These models also feature our two newest keyboard actions – the Responsive Hammer (RH) and RM3 Grand actions. . Both actions have graded hammers, Ivory-touch key surfaces and Let-off (in certain models).

Beyond tone and touch, there are many additional new features found on these instruments. Select models include USB to Device and USB Audio functionality, Touch Screen operation, and new vintage electric piano sounds. And our flagship digital, the CA93, is the world’s only digital piano with a Soundboard Speaker System.

The new product parade continues in early 2011 with the release of the much anticipated MP10, our newest flagship professional stage piano. That will make an incredible total of 11 Kawai electronic instruments that are one year old or less!

Looking for the latest and greatest technology and features? Look no further than Kawai.

Tom Love - Editor



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