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Sales Manager Tom Love

Greetings Kawai Digital Piano Enthusiasts

As you may know, we recently released new versions of our top-of-the-line Concert Performer Series digital pianos. These are extremely powerful musical instruments which required much muscle from our Electronic Musical Instrument Research and Development Division.

I recently gave an interview about our R&D efforts on the new CP models to our Canadian news publication, “Kawai Times”. It provides some “behind the curtain” information about these impressive new instruments.

KT—The new Concert Performer digital pianos have recently begun shipping. How long was the development time for the new Concert Performer models?

TL—My team and I started taking notes on comments from dealers and end users shortly after the launch of the previous models, as well as making our own observations on ways to improve the next series. But the real development effort on this new series started with our formal proposal to R&D in Japan over one and a half years ago.

KT—Why so long?

TL—The CP Series is by far our most complex, feature laden instrument. It takes a long time to program a new Operating System (OS), record new demos, create new sounds and styles, etc. Plus, we’ve streamlined the panel and incorporated icons into the new OS. It takes a lot of effort to create and program all of this, along with beta testing the prototypes. It was a very big job involving many people, but we think the result is our finest Concert Performer Series ever.

KT—We’ve heard that Kawai America was very involved in the development of the CP series, correct?

TL—The CP series is made for the North American market only, so you could say we were “in the driver’s seat” on this project! We planned the specifications and feature sets with the engineers in Japan. Also, we created all the “music data” (demo songs, accompaniment styles, Piano Music, etc.) using top musicians and composers from LA and Nashville. That allowed us to create instruments designed specifically for the North American market. No compromising, just creating sounds and features that our customers here in North America will find exciting and inspiring.

KT—What’s unique about the new CP series?

TL—The market for Concert Performer digitals has changed over time. More and more churches, schools and serious hobbyists are purchasing them, so there’s more attention given to the large sound list and feature set. The new CP Series follow that trend. They get our best piano sounds and actions, for example. And we’ve streamlined the panel to make them less imposing and simpler to operate. Think of them as “Super CA’s”… they’re as good as our award-winning Concert Artist (CA) digital instruments, just with many more sounds and features!

Don’t get me wrong. We still have great accompaniment styles in the CP instruments that beginners, fun-seekers and even churches will greatly enjoy. And, we’ve even added many exciting new styles to the three new models.

Overall, we believe the new Concert Performer instruments will appeal to a broad group of players, and will satisfy and thrill musicians of all types and abilities.



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