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Tom Love, Editor

"Under the Hood" of the ES7"

The new Kawai ES7 portable digital piano was unveiled only a few days ago, but it’s already getting quite the “buzz”. A big reason for all the interest in this instrument is that it has so many major upgrades to features, sounds and specifications, compared to its predecessor. What’s driving many of these improvements is the new processor, or tone generator (TG), used in the ES7. Let’s get a little “techie” for a moment, shall we?

Kawai R&D engineers have been working on this new TG for a while and the ES7 is the first Kawai instrument to utilize it. This new TG has a lot of horsepower. For instance, the older ES6 had 192-note polyphony, achieved by using two TG’s “slaved” together. The new TG offers 256-note polyphony all by itself. Polyphony is a reference to how many notes an instrument can play simultaneously. Thus, the new ES7 is able to handle a lot more notes being played at once, so note dropout in a complex piece of music is much less of an issue.

Kawai ES7

Another major improvement comes in a dramatic increase in DSP processing power. Having more processor power allowed Kawai engineers to completely rewrite the algorithms for the various DSP effects, such as chorus, echo and rotary speaker, and reverbs, greatly enhancing and expanding the ES7’s effects and reverbs.

Other important technical improvements include improved digital to audio converters (DACs). This enhances the quality of the sound coming from the speakers and headphones, and through the audio outputs. The ES7’s key action now has a 3-sensor system, which gives the TG better key sensing capability and faster note repetition.

Okay, enough tech talk. What all this means is that the ES7 is the most powerful, best sounding and best playing portable stage piano on the market today.
—Tom Love



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