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Kawai CS4 Classic Series Digital Piano
Kawai CS7 Tone
The CS4 features our acclaimed Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound technology with 88-key piano sampling. This exclusive technology creates sounds with amazing tonal detail and clarity. Learn More
Kawai CS7 Touch
The CS4 employs the new Responsive Hammer II (RHII) action with Ivory Touch key surfaces and Let-off. Its an 88-note, graded hammer action with superb feel and sensitivity. Plus, this action employs triple sensor key detection for greater accuracy when playing legato passages and repeated notes. Learn More
CS7 Elegant Cabinetry
The CS4s ebony polish finish is made from polyester, the same finish material used on our world renowned grand pianos. This finish is as durable as it is luxurious.
Kawai CS4 Classic Series Key Cover
The CS4 has a built-in sliding key cover to protect the keyboard from dust and debris when the instrument is not in use.
CS7 Grand Feel Pedal System
The CS4 features three pedals soft, sostenuto, and damper (with half-damper capability). The new Grand Feel Pedal System reproduces the individual weighting of each of the three pedals of the Kawai EX concert grand.
Kawai CS4 Classic Series Recorder
The CS4 offers an easy to use 3-Song / 1-Track built-in Recorder ideal for self-evaluation or capturing a moment of inspiration
Built-in Lessons from Alfred Publishing
The CS4 features built-in lesson songs from Alfred Publishing’s most popular first-year children’s method book. Learn More »
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CS4 Polished Ebony: MSRP - $3,695.00
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