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Kawai CN37 More Info
Kawai CN37 More Info
Kawai CS7 Tone
The CN37 offers a highly detailed acoustic portrait, employing Kawai’s proprietary Progressive Harmonic Imaging sampling technology to ensure smooth tonal transitions across the keyboard and throughout the entire dynamic range.
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Kawai CS7 Touch
The new class-leading Responsive Hammer III keyboard action on the CN37 re-creates the exceptional touch of an acoustic grand piano with its realistic movement and rigid “springless” design working together to provide a smooth, natural piano playing experience. A triple-sensor key detection system enhances responsiveness and accuracy,  Learn More »
CN25 Ivory Touch Key Surfaces
IThe impressive CN37 features our highly-regarded Ivory Touch key surfaces This finely-textured material gently absorbs fingertip perspiration and oils to avoid slipping and provide greater playing control.
Moisture is absorbed without dirt or grease permeating the key surfaces, allowing them to be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.
Kawai CN37 Superior Speaker System
Unrivaled in its class, the CN37 features an innovative 4-way speaker system designed to reproduce the full harmonic spectrum of an acoustic piano. Lower-range frequencies are delivered through the underside of the instrument, while mid and high frequencies are projected outward via top-mounted speakers, closely mirroring the sound projection characteristics of an acoustic piano.
Kawai CN35 Digital Audio
The CN37 can record and play digital audio file using a USB memory device, in either MP3 or WAV formats. Record your live playing or Internal Recorder songs, or play along with your favorite recording artist. Transfer your MP3 to a computer for emailing to family and friends.
Kawai CN37 Bluetooth
In addition to standard USB and MIDI ports, the new CN Series also boast integrated Bluetooth MIDI technology, allowing the digital piano to communicate with supported smart devices wirelessly.  Learn More »
Kawai's Exclusive Concert Magic
This exclusive feature lets anyone enjoy the thrill of playing the piano, even if you’ve never played before. Learn More »
Kawai CN37 Song Recorder
The recorder on the CN37 allows up to three songs to be stored in internal memory and played back at the touch of a button.This functionality is expanded with 2-track recording that allows left and right-hand parts (or two different voices) to be recorded separately. Players can play back the left-hand part while practicing the right-hand part live—or vice versa—to strengthen hand independence.
Exclusive Alfred Lessons and Exercises
The CN37 comes with the first year’s lesson songs from Alfred Publishing’s Basic Piano Course 1, Premier Course 1 and Adult Course 1 built in. We’ve also included the printed music and recordings for time-tested finger exercises such as scales, arpeggios and Hanon songs. Learn More »
Virtual Technician
A skilled piano technician can personalize an acoustic piano’s sound and touch response. Kawai’s exclusive Virtual Technician does the same for the CN37 digital piano.
CS7 Grand Feel Pedal System
IThe C37 features three pedals – soft, sostenuto, and damper (with half-damper capability). The new Grand Feel Pedal System reproduces the individual weighting of each of the three pedals of the Kawai EX concert grand.
CN25 Adjustable Music Rest Kawai CN37 White Buy Now!
As with a grand piano, the viewing angle of the CN37 music rest can be adjusted to suit the performer’s playing position or laid flat to provide a level surface for notating scores.
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