Official Piano of Europe’s Fastest Growing Jazz Event

Rancho Dominguez, CA • November, 2010 – The Hague Jazz Festival draws music lovers from across Europe to the World Forum in Den Haag, Netherlands. Now in its fifth year, over 24,000 gathered recently to hear performances from top jazz musicians including Al Jarreau, Wayne Shorter and Gino Vanelli. For the last four of those five years, Kawai has been the exclusive piano for the event.

Kawai grand pianos ranging from the 9-foot EX Concert Piano to the smaller the RX series instruments were supplied for each of the 10 different stages. Several digital pianos were also used, including the flagship MP8II Professional Stage Piano.

“I am delighted that Kawai is closely involved with music events such as the Hague Jazz Festival”, remarked Alex Voigt of Kawai Europe. “Regardless of whether it’s classic, jazz, rock or pop, Kawai pianos allow artists to produce great music.”

 Roger Hodgson on the Kawai EX Concert Piano

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