CN Series Receives Second Major Award

Rancho Dominguez, CA • December, 2014 – Musical instrument dealers across North America recently voted for their favorite products in Musical Merchandise Review (MMR) magazine’s annual Dealers’ Choice Awards survey. When the votes were tallied, Kawai’s CN Series digital pianos were named “2014 Home Keyboard Line of the Year.” Having already received a prestigious “Product Excellence Award” from Music Inc. magazine just one month ago, the addition of this coveted “Product of the Year” honor from MMR Magazine makes the CN Series a double-winner for 2014.

“Outstanding performance features, affordable quality and quality construction made the Kawai CN Series the home digital keyboard favorite this year,” wrote MMR in its announcement of the winners. The CN Series consists of two instruments offering remarkable piano sound made possible by Kawai’s acclaimed Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound technology, and superior touch provided by the company’s exclusive RH-III keyboard action. The RH-III action is highlighted by graded hammers and counterweighted keys, making the CN Series the first line of instruments in its class to offer these enhancements that create a more authentic keyboard feel.

Kawai CN Series
“Although they are modestly priced, these instruments offer exception tone, touch and features,” said Tom Love, Kawai’s Sr. Director of Electronics. “As a result, the CN Series is a favorite among families, hobbyists, teachers, schools and churches – and is our best-selling line of digital instruments.” The CN25 has 19 exceptional instrument sounds, dual and four-hands modes, and impressive 192-note polyphony. The CN35 boasts 256-note polyphony and an astounding 324 sounds from virtually every musical instrument family. It offers dual, split and four-hand modes and features USB digital audio play/record functionality. Both instruments contain built-in lesson songs from Alfred Publishing (an exclusive for Kawai instruments) as well as etudes from Czerny, Beyer and Burgmuller to guide personal practice. The CN Series instruments are also stylish with their classic toe-block design, sliding key covers and matching padded benches. 
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