Replaces long-time favorite CE200

Rancho Dominguez, CA • January, 2012 – Kawai unveiled the new CE220 digital piano at the 2012 Winter NAMM show, recently held in Anaheim, CA. The CE220 replaces the perennial favorite CE200 digital piano.

The CE220 boasts the AWA PROII wooden-key action, one that has been found on many award-winning Kawai instruments. This action was also found on the CE200 and was often cited by owners as the main reason for their purchase. But, the CE220 offers several upgrades and new features as well. For starters, this new instrument uses Kawai’s Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound technology with 88-key piano sampling, which produces a more detailed, clear and realistic piano sound.

Educators, students and serious hobbyists will appreciate the new USB to Device capability. This allows a user to record a song or practice session to a USB memory stick. The song can then be played on another instrument or loaded into a computer for printing a score or emailing to a friend or teacher. Another significant upgrade comes in the form of max. polyphony, going from 96 notes on the former CE200 to a whopping (and category leading) 192 notes.

Kawai’s designers did not overlook the cabinet of the CE220 either, giving it a beautiful Premium Satin Black finish with matching bench. The cabinet also features a sliding key cover and three pedals which offer the same functionality as Kawai’s world-class acoustic grand pianos.

The new Kawai CE220 will begin shipping at the end of January, 2012. It is available from both Kawai Professional Products and Kawai Digital Piano dealers. Go to CE220 »

Kawai CE220 Digital Piano

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